Mi Piace Moscato Rose

Sweet pink wine

Product code: M014

50.00 MDL

Wine is one of the components of a pleasant time in the circle of friends or loved ones. Correctly selected type of wine gives an unique light touch of fun and carefree to your tableful, which is able to decorate any communication. Light, lively, refreshing, with pleasant sweetness, perfectly balanced wine MI PIACE MOSCATO is created in the style of Tuscan wine and is distinguished by a serious refreshing taste.
Taste palette: The wine has a surprisingly complex, smooth, fresh, balanced taste with notes of red berries and orange peel, thin tannins, bright, but not cloying sweetness, which is balanced by high acidity. The aftertaste is long, fragrant.
Аромат: Wine enchants with an intense aroma with notes of rose petals, red berries (raspberries, strawberries) and orange peel.
Color: wine of beautiful light pink color with violet hues
Gastronomic combination: Wine is preferable to enjoy in its pure form as an aperitif, as well as in combination with desserts and fruits.
Alc. 12% vol.
Wine serving temperature + 8…+12°C